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Cat Escort

I’ve coined it Cat Escort, for now. It’ll get a proper title as it gets closer to being released. Here’s a bit about the story: After Seth gets out of a bad relationship, his friend suggests he see an escort, a sexy werecat named Nick. Seth never expects to see him again. Months later, he… Read More Cat Escort

Published Works

Losing Sight

Jesse is tired of being handicap, and desperately wants his independence. But his well meaning, meddlesome older brother has other ideas. Available Now! Read on Amazon Kindle New! Read for free on Prolific Works. Originally a part of the Being Me Anthology.

Published Works

Being Me

Update! Anthology is currently unavailable, but information about Losing Sight (my short story) can be found on my site, here. Various characters are explored; the bullied,  handicapped folk,  people of color, even an alien, and futuristic caste systems. These are stories that explore the emotional growth of troubled young men and women all with differences.… Read More Being Me

Published Works

Dream Infected

Part of Take a Chance Anthology. Brett, one of the few survivors of Sandman’s Dream, infecting most of humanity, is secretly in love with his best friend, Ivan. When Ivan becomes infected, will Brett be forced to abandon him to the Dream, or will he fight for one he loves? Available now! Amazon Kindle Only Beaten… Read More Dream Infected

Published Works

Take a Chance

A single moment can change everything. A university student preparing to confront the adolescent crush who betrayed him. A demon embroiled in a battle against his very nature. A soldier, mentally scarred after fighting in The Great War, torn between propriety and his heart. Though separated by time and distance, culture and reality, these young… Read More Take a Chance